9 Amazing Alternatives to Vespa to Try

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The classic Vespa, as we all know it, is a symbol of Italy, freedom, and travel since 1946. The company has cemented itself as a cultural icon. But Vespa’s can be quite expensive, with the average Vespa costing between $5,000 – $7,000. One of the newest 2023 models costs $10,499, so looking for a Vespa alternative might be high on your list.

But that classic look… Swoon.

Do you want a scooter like Vespa but for less money? Here are some more budget-friendly alternatives.

1. Kymco A-Town

Kymco is lesser-known in the United States despite being the #4 in terms of market share. Kymco is a reputable manufacturer that based in Taiwan. What began as a Honda manufacturing plant, began to make its own line of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs, as well as, making Honda’s orders.

They bought out Honda’s stakes in 2003 and have expanded to sell around the world. They have a reputation for having reliable bikes that all come with a 2-year warranty.

The Kymco A-Town model is a compact retro-styled scooter. It comes with under-the-seat storage and fold-out foot pegs for a passenger. And it is available in two colors (black and white). This model reflects the spirit of Vespa but at a more affordable price.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
49 cc$2,149n/a114.5 mpg1.4 galcarb

2. Kymco Like 150i ABS

Also made by Kymco, is the Like 150i ABS. It was also designed in a retro style but has been outfitted with some more bells and whistles than the A-Town 50, as well as having more horsepower. It’s a solid Vespa scooter alternative & so much cheaper.

Security measures like a combination ignition key switch, seat lock, and key slot security shutter door help prevent theft when you are not around.

It also has ABS brakes for improved safety with better braking on slippery surfaces allowing it to stop over less distance. There is also a lockable glove compartment with a built-in USB port to charge your phone. It also has under-seat storage and fold-out passenger foot pegs in case you’d like to tote a passenger.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
150 cc$3,05960 mph85 mpg1.8 galelectronic

3. Sym Fiddle IV (4) 200i

Sym is also a company that was contracted with Honda and is based out of Taiwan. They are known worldwide for their quality scooter production and are still currently contracted with Hyundai.

The Fiddle III 200i is a very good scooter for more urban travel, as well as a ride around the town. There is a storage compartment under the seat, as well as a top case that you can purchase separately if you require more space.

You can also purchase a windshield if you prefer one for those higher speeds down highways. The scooter is equipped with a Combined Breaking System (CBS) which gives you more advanced control in breaking, providing a more sensitive distribution of brake force over both wheels.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
169 cc$3,09965+ mph89 mpg1.7 galelectronic
Sym fiddle is shown and looks like a Vespa making it a good Vespa alternative

4. Piaggio Liberty S 50 & Liberty S 150

The Piaggio Group has multiple brands under its name that produces various motor vehicles. One of those is actually Vespa, so you can still find some bragging rights for this particular brand that I like to call a cousin to Piaggio. (creative liberties here)

The Liberty S 50 & 150 falls into a more modern sporty design than a traditional Vespa. There is a spacious compartment underneath the seat, along with a glove compartment in the rear shield and a luggage rack that doubles as a seat for a second passenger.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
50 cc$2,59930 mph96 mpg1.6 galelectronic
150 cc$3,19960 mph94 mpg1.6 galelectronic

5. Genuine Scooters Urbano 200i

Genuine Scooters has one mission in mind: to bring better scooters to America. They do this by partnering with many of the best scooter manufacturers in the world. With each bike sold, they provide a 2-3 Year Genuine Confidence Warranty and a 1-year Roadside Assistance Program, so you can feel secure in your purchase.

One of the bikes they sell is the Urbano 200i, and it is the closest Vespa look-alike available.

The Urbano 200i gives you the classic look of an older scooter but provides the modern comforts we have come to enjoy. There is a USB port for charging your devices, hidden inside your glove box along with front and rear disk brakes, LED taillight and turn signals, and adjustable rear suspension.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
169$2,79960 mph80 mpg1.45 galelectronic

6. Honda 2022 Metropolitan

Honda makes scooters! Who knew? Well. Most of the world even though they aren’t necessarily all that common in the US.

The Honda Metropolitan is perfect for driving around the metro area coincidentally.

With a top speed of 30 mph, it is not suited for highways or freeways but is the perfect Vespa-like scooter for navigating through town. Its design reflects a more modern approach, while still holding that vintage charm.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPG Fuel CapacityFuel Injection
49 cc$2,49930 mph177 mpg1.2 gal electronic

7. Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150

The Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150 sounds much fancier than it appears, but it’s a scooter brand like Vespa. With a design that calls back to older bikes with a large headlight and narrow front, it reflects the vintage look like a Vespa along with more metal parts than you’ll find on a lot of Vespa competitors.

Despite the retro scooter look, it is equipped with a digital speedometer, a glove box with a USB charging port, and a central braking system so you can ride with style and safety at top of mind.

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top Speed MPG Fuel CapacityFuel Injection
150 cc$3,49955 mph90 mpg2.8 galcarb

8. Lance Havana Classic 50

Lance is a relatively new company, started in 2004. But their dedication to their customers ended up catching the eye of SYM, who, in 2009, sold them the rights to sell their bikes in the United States.

Lance is a company known for its quality, reliability, and value, and have a 24-month, unlimited miles warranty to back that up.

And the Havana Classic 50 is certainly one of the vespa like scooters that reflects that traditional, classic scooter design. The 50 is known as a top buy in College Magazine, meaning it is a perfect bank for your buck college student purchase.

9. Lance Havana Classic 125

The Lance Havana Classic 125 is more powerful than the Havana Classic 50. The numbers represent the engine size where the higher the number, the faster it will go. This also means that it will cost a bit more but still far less than the Vespa option. The Havana Classic in the 50cc or 125cc has the Vespa style to make it a good Vespa alternative

For a comprehensive table of both Havana Classics look below:

Engine SizeMSRP (US $)Top SpeedMPGFuel CapacityFuel Injection
49 ccfrom $1,99930 mph117 mpg1.2 galcarb
124 cc$2,19959 mph99 mpg1.2 galcarb

Whatever your preference, all of these Vespa alternatives will give you the look of the famous brand but at a much more affordable price. Happy riding!