Pros and Cons of 50cc Scooters (aka Mopeds)

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There are a lot of pros and cons to getting a moped or a 50cc scooter. The purchase may make sense for you, but it certainly may not! There are many pros and cons that factor into obtaining a 50cc scooter such as finances, convenience, safety, and more.

Some pros for a 50cc scooter are that they are cheap, don’t cost a lot, and do not require a specialty license in many states. Some cons are that the motor is small so it can affect speed, with no doors a rider can be at risk of injury, and the weather can affect when it can be ridden.

There are more pros and cons, and there are more explanations for the reasons below. So, continue reading to see if getting a moped is right for you.


Own One for Cheap

You can get a 50cc scooter for cheap, but it is also money that can go towards a car. You can get a nice moped for about $1,000 but that can go up to a few thousand on the high end. So, depending on your finances and your goals, getting a moped can be a great option or something you don’t want to spend your money on quite yet.

But, if you need to get around town, or if you are a college student getting to and from school and work, then this is a great tool for you.

Low Monthly/Annual Costs

The costs that rack up from each month and over the entire year are not as much as a car. You can run a 50cc engine at about 150 miles per gallon, which is great and makes sense for a small vehicle that carries one or two people total.

You can find a moped that is gas or electric-powered, which is great for many people to get the type of scooter that suits their needs.

Gas and Economically Friendly

As stated, you can get a 50cc scooter that is gas or electric-powered. This means that you can spend about $20 a month on either gas or on more electricity. And with that cost being so low, you can really get around anywhere in your city for cheap. It helps your wallet, and it helps the environment.

Don’t Need a Special License

With riding a moped, you do NOT need to get a specialty motorcycle license for it. States that need a license other than a driver’s license will need a motorcycle license endorsement. But, generally, you will only need your driver’s license, which you likely already have if it is restricted to 30 mph and a 50cc or less in size.

This is convenient, and can also help lower your cost because you do not need to go through with learning and paying for another license to operate your moped.

Easy to Ride

Lastly, a 50cc scooter is a very easy scooter to ride. You have your handle controls for speed and brakes, and after a little practice, you are a pro. It is easy to learn how to ride one, and it is a great resource for you to have if you need this mode of transportation.

It might not be cheaper than getting a bus pass, but over time it pays off and is cheaper than owning a car.


Small Motor = Small Power

For this point, it is easy to explain that because the engine/motor is small, the power coming from it is small. The max speed is around 35 miles per hour and though that is great for in-the-city travel, you are limited by forces that can impact your speed.

One point is that your weight can make the moped faster or slower, and having another person riding, or carrying groceries on the scooter impacts your speed. So weight in general adds a lot to the speed of the moped, whereas a car doesn’t have to worry because if you have more than one person in the car, it will still go to the speed you want.

Slower Speeds and Acceleration

With the motor being weak, you can also expect that weight is not the only factor by which speed is affected. One is the weather, which is below and another is hills and other imperfect riding conditions.

These affect your acceleration, and they affect the top speed that you can reach. In general, you cannot really touch the 40s in speed, and you are going slower than cars so if you want to go faster or go to another city, then a moped is not for you.

Physically has Room For 2, But Engine has Room For 1

Many mopeds have enough room for two people to fit on them. The seat can be longer to allow for someone to ride behind the driver, but the engine doesn’t like to support that.

When a second passenger gets on, the engine can become slow, and it can even sound or feel like it is working very hard to achieve little progress.

Even on a flat road!


Like motorcycles, 50cc scooters do not offer much protection for you. You can get very injured or killed if you are hit by a car while on the road.

Unlike a car, you will not have airbags, doors, a roof, and other things protecting you. So though you can be careful, wear a helmet, and do everything right, others may not and it can harm you.


As discussed, one issue with mopeds is that the weather can affect your speed. If it is raining, you likely won’t go at your top speed. The weather can also affect if you can ride your scooter at all.

You also won’t want to ride it because you will get wet in the rain or get caught in other bad weather, so your location can play a big role in deciding to get a moped.

The weather also impacts where you can store your 50cc scooter. You want a dry place to put it like a garage, that way bad weather, the hot sun, or basic humidity does not damage your scooter and wear it out fast.

That’s the highlight of the pros and cons of 50cc scooters. Be seen & be safe out there!