50cc Scooter Vs Electric Bike: Which is Best?

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Whether you are using a scooter or a bike, you can get where you need to go. However, there is some distinction that may make one method of travel better than the other. For this article, we are concerned about whether a 50cc scooter vs electric bike is better compared to each other, so keep reading to find out the answer!

For general purposes, an electric bike is best. Electric bikes are affordable, eco-friendly, and healthier. The scooter fails to outperform the electric bike in almost every way. Though electric bikes are the best mode of travel, different routes and purposes will determine which method to use.

We could end the article here, but we should also explore further why the electric bike tends to be dominant compared to the 50cc scooter. Let’s go ahead and understand the purpose of each method of travel and why one may use one over the other. So make sure to keep reading!

What is an E-Bike and 50cc Scooter?

First, let’s address what each of these methods of travel is and get an idea of both the pros and cons of a 50cc scooter vs electric bike.


These are simply bikes that have a battery-operated motor installed on them. Because of this motor, it allows for easier pedaling. It eases the rider from using the pedals as much as a traditional manual-operated bike. Some e-bikes even have a system in place where the quicker you pedal, the extra boost you will receive.

Though the motor helps assist the riders tremendously, it may or may not insinuate one to exercise. What we mean by this is that having a motor installed may enable one to think that pedaling is easier and less exertion is required.

On the other hand, one may see it as an opportunity to motivate themselves to travel further, therefore using more energy to maximize the e-bike’s utilization. One more concerning issue is that the e-bike surprisingly does not get much travel range compared to a scooter.

50cc scooter

We should first understand what 50cc means. 50cc means 50 cubic centimeters of displacement. In other words, the engine in the vehicle, in this case, a scooter, is relatively slow. The average speed of this type of scooter is around 30mph, while an e-bike can reach up to 50mph.

Though slow, any scooter does not require the rider to constantly pedal for the vehicle since no pedals exist. Freedom from this task is nice for many users who own a scooter. As said earlier, scooters generally have a max travel range significantly higher than e-bikes, and if you are concerned with max distance, the scooter is a better choice.


Here we will talk about the affordability of both types of vehicles and the maintenance demands.

On the e-bike side, the lowest you could purchase is around $600 while the higher end can reach up to $10,000. E-bikes prices are for the most part, fair and we get what we pay for.

For example, paying for a $600 e-bike means you won’t receive any top-rated components while having a $10,000 one means you will get all top-quality components while having an e-bike that is durable and performs well. As far as maintenance demands, you will be primarily concerned with the motor.

For the rest of the e-bike, it is similar to a traditional bike in that you should regularly check the tires, chain, and brakes, and clean it often. Again, keeping the motor in check will be very important. If you have no running motor, your legs will suffer in trying to haul a dead-weighted vehicle.

Moving over to the 50cc scooter’s affordability, the lowest cost of one is about $1,599, while the highest is $4,099. While its highest price is significantly cheaper than the e-bike’s highest price, we are concerned with the price range that everyone will want which is as cheap as possible without losing quality.

For maintenance, the scooter will require extra effort to keep and maintain well. For example, check the gaskets, spark plugs brake pads, liquids, carburetor, and much more are necessary for time to time. The scooter requires more knowledge about the internal system that operates the scooter or a good mechanic nearby.

In the end, the price and maintenance demand heavily favor the e-bike. Again, we are concerned with the prices that most will look towards, so the highest prices for both the scooter and e-bike will not be considered.

Ecofriendly of 50cc Scooter vs Electric Bike

When it comes to uses, the e-bike is more economically friendly compared to a 50cc scooter. Not only is the e-bike eco-friendly to use, but the charging cost is as well. The e-bike does not run-on emissions but on electric power, assisted with human power.

With scooters, it is obvious that they require fuel to operate. Doing so means they will emit gas emissions. According to research, the production of greenhouse gas emissions is more per mile with a scooter.

If you plan to become more eco-friendly, I suggest choosing an e-bike over a 50cc scooter.

Even though an e-bike is better than the 50cc scooter in this regard, the 50cc scooter is by no means anti-ecofriendly. It is far better than cars and buses, depending on the model. While it still produces its greenhouse gas emissions, it remains a decent option if anyone prefers this over the e-bike.

Basically, the e-bikes are the best for this, but the scooter is relatively better than a full-sized car, truck, or bus. If we can’t eliminate the harmfulness to the environment, the next best option is to reduce it as much as possible while retaining its function and purpose.


Next up is the idea that one vehicle provides exercise opportunities, and the e-bike is the primary choice for anyone looking to have an affordable and eco-friendly bike while also gaining health benefits from it. Whether you are grateful you do not have to pedal as much or find it as an opportunity to travel farther, therefore, requiring excess energy on the pedals, you are developing a healthy body.

With e-bikes, if you want to go anywhere, you must pedal. The motor is not there to push you, rather, you push the motor to take you wherever. Overall, e-bikes are the best choice for anyone wanting to travel farther and gain a healthier lifestyle along the way. Plus, these bikes have a larger pool of activities they can be suited for such as basic traveling on the streets or minimal off-roading.

With the scooters, you do not have to do anything other than start up the engine and press the gas pedal or throttle to move forward. Minimal movement is required for this type of travel. It is a cozy way of traveling, but you are possibly sacrificing exercise opportunities.

Unlike the e-bikes, you are limited with what you can do with this vehicle. Its main purpose is to operate on the streets. Going on rough terrain will risk breaking the scooter as it is not meant to be used as an “off-road” vehicle.

Both methods are not terrible, just one may promote a healthier lifestyle due to its extended purpose and opportunity.

Personal Preference and Purpose

Though we have been discussing why the e-bike is generally superior to the 50cc scooter, this article should not be the reason you choose one over the other. In the end, it is up to the individual as to what they would like to do.

The e-bike and 50cc scooter serve a vast number of purposes and those who are looking for that purpose will make that decision. Let’s explore some reasons why one would operate an e-bike or a 50cc scooter.

Starting off with e-bikes, the first purpose many will seek is basic transportation from one area to another. A basic commute to and from work and school, and other activities within the town is going to be the most common use of these e-bikes.

For your regular hunters, there are e-bikes meant for stronger durability when traveling off-road, allowing the hunter enthusiasts to get around exhausting too much and enough to perfect their hunting skills.

Lastly, as a method of exercising, the e-bike is there to continue to provide exercise just like a traditional bike, however, you will be able to travel further, assuming you are pedaling normally as with the traditional bike. The purpose of traveling further and getting fit is a significant positive with e-bikes.

Going over to the 50cc scooters, the primary function for these is for commuting. Again, commuting to work and school is a common use for these scooters. The 50cc scooter can also be used as a “beginner” vehicle for those entering the motorized world.

They are cheaper than a car and easier to maintain. Not to mention that finding a parking space is easier with a scooter. These scooters might not be used for much else since they should be on the streets mostly as they cannot handle anything outside of it. Before we move on, it is good to note that having a 50cc scooter will not support two people as most people would think. However, owning a 150cc, for example, can do this.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference and anyone can do whatever they want with their choice of vehicle, assuming they know the limitations for each and take proper safety precautions such as wearing a helmet, long sleeve clothing, leather clothing, pants, closed shoes, etc.

Who is it for?

Looking at the purpose of the e-bike, we can see that they are for anyone who is physically active. Anyone who can get on a bike and pedal with minimal struggle is perfect. College students, employees, and anyone young should operate this bike effectively with no issues. Try to avoid using it if you have any medical issues that are joint, or muscle related. Finally, ride at your own risk.

With scooters, it can reach a wider audience. It includes the ones we discussed for the e-bikes, but scooters can accommodate those with a longer commute or a need to go on the road where bikes are not as safe.

Both an e-bike and a moped require the rider to maintain balance. That said, if you’ve even ridden a bike in the past, the faster you go, the easier it is to balance. So if balance is a concern, you may want to look into scooters first.

Overall, the primary difference between the two vehicles and who can ride them depends on the required energy and function of the human body.

We also need to make sure that all 50cc scooter vs electric bike riders have a clear mind and are able to travel safely around town with no further issues. Again, riding at our own risk is a personal preference. Plus you should consider all options before deciding whether one of these will suit us the best, if at all.

E-bikes and 50cc Scooters

To conclude this article, we will address some models and their price ranges to help get an idea of what each is.

The VELOWAVE Electric Bike is on the higher end of the price range, being around $1,599. Some features of this bike enable one to navigate well on terrain such as snow, beach, and mountain-based environments. And its current ratings are mostly positive with a 5-star with 76%, resulting in an overall rating of 4.5/5 among all reviewers. Safe to say this bike has gained an audience.

A cheaper-end e-bike is the Heybike Race Plus Electric bike. This is valued at around $569.99 and is rated well by the community with an overall score of 4.5/5 stars. Again, mountain biking is another great use for this bike option.

On the 50cc scooter, the Amigo 50cc 8.5 hp gas moped scooter – JAX 50 is valued at around $4,699.95. However, the 50cc gas moped scooter with automatic transmission and aluminum wheels – express 50 is valued at around $1,248.95.

Both of these 50cc scooters are similar in functionality, just the quality and different models of engines are what differentiates them in price.