So What’s the Story with SCOOTERS FOR NEWBIES?!

Scooters for Newbies was born from a 40 year old woman in suburbiaville USA who fell in love with kick scooters in Las Vegas. More on the personal aspect can be found in this first attempt at a motovlog.

This site part came into play because I couldn’t find resources for people like me! I rode bicycles, but that was the extent of my experience on two wheels. I wanted to make a resource to help others adopt a motor scooter even if it isn’t normal where you live!

What I learn, I share here. Through trying to make this site a good resource for newbies, I’ve leveled up myself. I started riding in 2019, and bam! I’m no longer feeling so newbie! That said, find me on Instagram & SHOW ME YOUR SCOOTER! I don’t love Instagram, but I do love talking scooters!

So What’s the Story With Renee?!

I’m a data analyst by day & a scooter rider by night.

I live in the gulf coast area around Houston, and this means I have great scooter riding weather. Well, it’s freaking hot May through September, but we get to keep riding in the winter months ’round here!

Marisa is the turquoise Genuine Buddy Kick, and Thunder is the navy Kymco Like 150i. If you really wanna know, my mountain bike’s name is storm. I digress. I ride both scooters, but the husband (Rich) rides the Kymco if we’re out and about together on them. I also have 2 older kiddos in the house, but they think the scooters aren’t cool because the parents ride them. They just don’t know….

Outside of scooters, I like to run, travel, board games with the family and I have a decent sized suburban vegetable garden.