Welcome to Scooters for Newbies, your hub for all things motor scooters! Explore, Empower, Ride: Your Journey Begins Here”, embodies the mission – to empower YOU to embrace the joy of scooter riding, to inspire adventure, and to promote sustainability.

Scooters for Newbies Story

Scooters for Newbies was created by Renee, a data analyst turned passionate scooter rider. After falling in love with motor scooters, I found it hard to find resources for beginners. This site & YouTube channel was built to fill that gap and has since evolved into a thriving community of scooter lovers.

Outside of scooters, I also enjoy running, traveling, playing board games, and attempting to grow things in a veggie garden when not hitting the road. I use a scooter for all of this! Well, maybe not playing boards games on one, but you get the idea.

After all, the journey with Scooters for Newbies is about much more than scooters. It’s about empowerment, sustainability, community, and adventure that fits into what’s important to you!

Renee, Scooter Newbie sitting on the 2020 Buddy Kick in a parking lot

Our Values

Empowerment: I believe in the power of two wheels to transform lives. My mission is to empower new riders to embrace scooter riding as a practical, fun, and liberating mode of transportation. Whether you’re a newbie, a senior transitioning from large motorcycles, or someone crossing off a bucket list activity, I’d like to support your journey.

Sustainability: I’m passionate about the environment and believe in promoting scooters as an eco-friendly alternative in places where cars dominate. By choosing a scooter, you’re making a sustainable choice that also saves you $$$.

Community: At Scooters for Newbies, you’re not alone. I’m working towards a supportive network where scooter riders can share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and form lasting connections.

Adventure: Break the mold, try something new, and enjoy the thrill of the open road. Adventure is not just about the destination; it’s about the ride!

Meet Our Scooters

Our (the hubs & I) companions when we started this journey were Marisa, a turquoise Genuine Buddy Kick, and Thunder, a navy Kymco Like 150i.

We sold the Kymco Like and one of our cars to welcome Rosie, a Vespa GTS 300 Racing Sixties, and The Beast, a Kymco AK550. We’re now a 1 car household in a very car-centric locale where our scooters get as many miles as we can use them for. When we aren’t toting kids, basically.

Buddy Kick and Kymco Like together by water
Marisa & Thunder
White Vespa GTS 300 Racing Sixties sharing a parking space with a matte silver Kymco AK550
Rosie & The Beast

They are not just scooters, but symbols of our passion, our freedom, and our adventurous spirit.

Join the Community

We invite you to join the community wherever you’re comfortable doing so. community. Follow us on Instagram, share your scooter stories, and let’s inspire others to embrace the joy of scooter riding. I especially want to inspire women as 2-wheels aren’t just for men, ladies!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the community however you feel comfortable!

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