How Fast Will a Vespa Go? (Engine Size Matters!)

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A Vespa is a luxurious and premium brand of motor scooter. With completely metal bodies and a smooth riding experience, the Vespa can come at a costly price tag. We will be going over just how fast a Vespa will go, so make sure to keep reading!

A Vespa’s top speed depends on the engine size and model. Vespas have 6 different models to choose from the Primavera, Sprint, Elettrica, GTS, GTS Super, and Sei Giorni. A 50cc vehicle can reach 30 mph, a 150cc can go 60 mph and a 300cc moped can reach 85 mph.

To understand the different models of Vespas, how much they cost, and what the scooter community is like, continue reading below!

How Fast do Vespas Go?

The fastest model sold by Vespa can clock at a speed of nearly 80 miles per hour! But that top speed can vary depending on the model you purchase. Scooter engines have a cubic capacity or cc as it is otherwise known. This helps to determine how quickly your scooter will go and the power output of the engine.

Rule of thumb: The bigger the engine size (or cubic centimeters), the more power & speed your scooter can give!

Here, we will go through each model, the cubic capacity offered, how quickly they can go, and what makes each of them unique.

Keep in mind that when you’re reading top speeds from ‘the internet‘ that scooter speedometers are notoriously wrong. Not all but certainly most. I had some fun with a community speed sign in this video, but GPS works just fine for reliable top speed conversations.


This model is a European “Swinging Sixties” icon. Made of a steel underbone frame and full LED lighting from the front and rear, the Primavera introduces many Vespa luxuries such as a “smart” dashboard that can be connected to your phone and a remote seat opener. Talk about luxury for an entry model!

The Vespa Primavera 50cc has a top speed of 30 miles per hour if restricted and up to 45 miles per hour if not. The 150cc Vespa Primavera can hit up to 70 miles per hour in optimal conditions.


The Sprint model is meant to be more of a “sporting scooter” compared to the relaxed yet cruising Primavera. This model is much more lightweight compared to the Primavera, meaning it can go a bit faster, even if the cubic capacity is the same. This scooter has large 12-inch wheels and aluminum alloy rims.

Sprints are sold at a 50cc or 155cc engine size. Even with a more sporty look, this scooter runs the same diagnostic as the Primavera. What varies between the two models is simply the look.

The Vespa Sprint 50cc has a top speed of 30 miles per hour if restricted and up to 45 miles per hour if not & gets about 81 miles per gallon.

The 150cc Sprint can clock 65-70 miles per hour with 95 miles per gallon.


Elettrica Vespas is simply the wave of the future! They are, as the name implies, electric scooters. They are considered “super silent” on the busy urban streets and maintain a completely smooth ride that will go without annoyance. Unlike the Primavera and the Sprint, Elettrica is not sold with a standard engine size like a 50cc.

In general, you can expect the Vespa Elettrica to go 30-45 mph depending on which version you go with.


A GTS Vespa is built for the dreamer and the adventurer alike. It is considered, according to the Vespa website, a perfect travel companion for anyone. The GTS holds Vespa’s most powerful 300cc engine and has 3 different color models to choose from. They are Dolomite Grey, Relax Green, and Energy Blue.

These bikes may benefit most from Vespa Extended Warranty which is available to all Vespa scooters. Nonetheless, the GTS 300cc engine can reach 85 miles per hour and 73 miles per gallon!

GTS Super

While the name only differs slightly, the GTS Super’s purpose is worth more than just extreme traveling. This scooter is meant for racing! It has a 300 HPE or High-Performance Engine, that is focused on a need for speed. It can reach 78 miles per hour and 73 miles per gallon.

Sei Giorni

Arguably the most luxurious bike that Vespa sells, the Sei Giorni takes the racing aspects of the GTS Super and a level of extra comfort. This gives this bike the very best technology that is all about comfort and sport. This bike can reach 75 miles per hour and has a fuel economy of 74 miles per gallon.

How Much Do Vespas Cost?

Vespa scooters come in a wide range of prices because of the varying models. One thing that we can all agree on is that Vespas are still considered much more expensive than other scooters. You’re not only paying for a new scooter, but you’re paying for the Vespa name.

For simplicity’s sake, here is an average price range for each Vespa model in an easy-to-read table!

Vespa ModelPrimaveraSprintElettricaGTSGTS SuperSei Giorni
Price Range$4,100 to $6,000$4,200 to $6,600$7,900 to $8,100$7,100 to $8,000$7,200 to $7,800$7,750
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) Primavera 50: $3,99

Primavera 150 S: $5,649

Primavera 150: $5,349
Sprint 50: $4,099

Sprint 50 S: $4,249

Sprint 150: $5,749
Elettrica: $5,749GTS 300: $7,099GTS Super: $7,199

GTS SuperSport: $7,299

GTS SuperTech: $7,749
Sei Giorni: $7,750
Engine Size (cc)Primavera 50: 49cc

Primavera 150 S: 155cc

Primavera 150: 155cc
Sprint 50: 50 cc

Sprint 50 S: 50cc

Sprint 150: 155cc
Elettrica: 155ccGTS 300: 278ccGTS Super: 278cc

GTS SuperSport: 278cc

GTS SuperTech: 278cc
Sei Giorni: 300cc

Where can I Purchase a Vespa?

If you are looking to buy a Vespa for yourself, you can either place an order through the Vespa website or search for a dealership near you. Unfortunately, there are not going to be many Vespa dealerships in the United States as there are car dealerships, so you may need to make a road trip if you are planning on buying from a Vespa dealer.

You may need to do some digging if you live in a smaller town, but your best bet would be to order online from Vespa’s website. You will still need to work out which dealer is closest to work out how you will get your lovely new Vespa.