Find the Best Scooterist Gifts (with a 2020 Twist)

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It’s that time of year to start thinking about what to get your loved ones as the holidays approach. If you have a scooter fanatic in your life, you can find some great homemade or personalized gifts for the scooter rider in your world!

When I can, I prefer to support local businesses. When I need something beyond my zip code, I’d still like to support small businesses. This is where Etsy comes in. You can find a ton of small businesses with mostly handmade, custom goods. It’s my first choice for shopping personally.

Let’s dive in to see some great gifts I found on Etsy specifically for someone that loves riding a motor scooter.

Guardian Bell

Have you heard of Evil Road Spirits or Gremlins that like to prey on scooters and motorcycles? Well if you haven’t, they give the rider bad luck causing mayhem at worst and mechanical problems at best. A guardian bell is hung on the scooter and traps the mayhem causer. The ringing drives them insane, and they fall to the ground. Rumor has it, when they fall, they cause potholes.

This makes the PERFECT gift because this is something the scooterist can NOT buy themselves. It must be a gift, and they do occasionally just fall off (and therefore need to be replaced from time to time!) Plus it’s 2020. Can’t we all want a little extra goodwill for whoever you’re buying a gift for?! Check these bells out on Etsy.

Hummingbird Guardian Bell.
Great gift to let the recipient know you care and maybe toss some extra good luck their way on their scooter.

Be Seen & Be Safe – Reflective Decals

I love to add reflective items to my clothing, gear, and my scooter. Decals add personality, and if you find a great reflective decal, you’re adding to a scooter rider’s visibility. That is a huge component in staying safe on 2 wheels!

How about a super cute set of reflective stickers from the BlikBlikReflective shop?
If you are looking for something less ‘cute‘. DuraDecalsUSA

Scooter Gifts for the Home

It can be fun to add bits of a hobby around the home. If you think your gift recipient would like a bit of scooter fun indoors, here are a few things that would make great gifts!

I want this gear organizer!! I can never seem to keep up with gloves, and this is a one-stop-shop!
Chasing Creations has a few options for gear, and they are all sweet looking!
How about a scooter specific parking sign for novelty fun?
The Lizton Sign Shop

Random But Relevant Scooter Gifts

Keychains are fun and practical. Check out these leather options from Etched Art‘s Etsy shop.
Solid and bold keychain for the Vespa enthusiast with a variety of color options. Key Essential Etsy shop

Scooter Gifts Because COVID-19 is Here

Masks. Need I say more?

I do like adding my hobby to things like masks and shirts because they can be great conversation starts, and it certainly helps make it a more mainstream hobby.

Vespa mask for a nice hobby shout-out when off the scoot?
Vespa Militia SB shop has quite a few Vespa specific shop items, too.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect gift for the motor scooter enthusiast! If you haven’t, here are some closing thoughts.

  • Don’t wait! The holidays are predicted to have intense shipping happening this year, so don’t delay in finding the right gift.
  • If this still didn’t do it for you, Etsy has some great gift guides. While not scooter specific, I get that your enthusiast is a whole person with other hobbies. Check out this Personalized Gifts guide Etsy has created as a way to find something special for your loved (or at least liked) one.