8 Essential Summer Scooter Riding Tips to Beat the Heat

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Riding in hot weather poses unique challenges, from dehydration risks to even things like heat stress. Here are some essential summer scooter riding tips to help you beat the heat and while actually enjoying your riding adventures:

1. Time Your Scooter Rides:

In the summer months, the sun is simply easier to handle as it isn’t as intense during early mornings and late evenings. This makes for the best time to ride to escape the more harsh midday heat.

Plus, if there are trees or tall structures on the roads you’re taking, you have a better shot at some shade if the sun isn’t directly over head.

Scheduling your rides during these periods can make for a significantly more pleasant experience.

2. Dressing for Warm Weather Adventures:

Wearing the right clothes will set you up for the best ride possible! Lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin is going to be a lifesaver in the heat.

My dri-fit clothing comes to mind, and then I wear mesh protective gear, too. It has some abrasion resistance along with the impact protection for the back and joints, too.

Open up all your vents on your helmet before you get going, and don’t forget to clean your motorcycle helmet liner when you’re done soaking it in sweat for a ride!

Pro-tip: Pack some baby wipes or sports wipes like these on Amazon along with at least a shirt to change in your underseat storage box to freshen up when you get where you’re going.

3. The Importance of Hydration:

You know how important water is, but being hydrated really starts before you get on your Vespa for the ride. I like to bring water for stops or even when I just get to my destination.

For long rides, I am a fan of a hydration pack for easy access to water. When it’s going to be at its worst, I’ll sometimes put ice in my pack to provide a little extra relief from the extreme heat. I can’t find my exact model anymore, but this hydration pack on Revzilla looks pretty similar. The hubs uses an inexpensive option he bought for running that he picked up on Amazon.

My local running club had an expert come talk to us after a run, and he told us there is such a thing as too much water. Basically it can mess up your electrolytes. Electrolyte tablets like these Nuun tabs on Amazon or pre-mixed electrolyte drinks can help balance that mineral loss from sweating.

4. Cooling Gear Essentials:

Cooling accessories, like a wet bandana around the neck or specialized cooling towels, can provide instant relief from heat. There are even gear options like this cooling vest I am testing out with a long ride this weekend or arm sleeves designed to reduce body temperature.

5. Route Planning for Shaded Breaks:

Planning your ride to pass through areas with natural shade can be a lifesaver. Not only does this give you a chance to stop and cool down, but the areas themselves are often cooler than sun-exposed locations. If you use a GPS or mapping app, try to include parks, tree-lined streets, or other shaded areas along your route.

This also goes back to tip #1 to ride at the edges of a day. When the sun is directly overhead, roads are less likely to get much shade from that angle.

6. Ride Near Water – Scenery & Heat Relief:

Riding along routes close to rivers, lakes, or fountains offers more than just a scenic view. The air tends to be cooler, providing a natural relief from what can be truly oppressive heat.

Incorporate these water features into your riding routes whenever possible. Besides, the scenery and views are just spectacular!

7. Protect Yourself from Too Much Sun:

Riding with protective gear means that much of your body is covered. However, riders become less likely to wear gear when the temps hit 3 digits. That and mesh gear come out.

Sunburn not only hurts but can also lead to more serious skin conditions. Applying a high-SPF sunscreen to exposed areas will help you ride longer, safer. If you are doing an extra long ride in the summer, pack that sunscreen to reapply down the road.

8. Listen to Your Body:

No matter how well you plan, it’s important to listen to your body. Symptoms like dizziness, extreme fatigue, and muscle cramps are warning signs. If you start to feel unwell, it’s best to stop, find some shade, and rehydrate.

I recently rode into Houston in the morning, but on my way back I started getting dizzy. I had no idea what was going on, but I pulled into a McDonald’s for a drink & to see if it would pass. It did, but the exhaustion was real. I was done for the day, but I’m glad I pulled over!

Ultimately, this is the best of the summer scooter riding tips that will keep you safe!

Final Thoughts on Summer Scooter Riding Tips

By taking these summer scooter riding tips into consideration, you can significantly improve your riding experience during the hot summer months. Safety and comfort should be your top priorities when hitting the road in the heat.