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Do Mopeds Have Titles?

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Mopeds generally refer to 2-wheeled vehicles with lower power, but there are 2 distinctive types of vehicles called a moped.

Confusing, huh? I get that!

What’s funny is that some version of a moped dates back to the early 1900s. Keep in mind as we dig into whether a moped requires a title that a moped intended to be ridden on the road exclusively also fits into the motorcycle territory. I didn’t know this when I started learning about mopeds personally.

In general, mopeds that are issued license plates will have a title whereas those. Those mopeds that have pedals and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour do not have titles.

First, we’ll dive into what makes a moped a moped and dive into the details a bit more on whether a moped needs a title.

What is a Moped?

Let’s talk about what a moped is in the first place. This gets confusing as there are 2 types of 2-wheeled vehicles that fit into what people refer to as a moped.

Mopeds are a type of bicycle or scooter-style transportation with 2 wheels. The bicycle type has pedals and a maximum speed of 20 mph powered by human propulsion and a small motor whereas the scooter style has a max speed between 30 and 40 mph powered strictly by a motor.

Mopeds originally were vehicles that had an engine, a shaft and pedals. There were no street legal adult mopeds until about the 1970s. These vehicles could have a maximum speed of 20 mph and also had to have some kind of steering (kick, twist, or push). So, it sounds a bit like what we have now in the motorized bicycle space, but the modern motorized bicycle is now electric. Some mopeds with the pedals will have a step-through design similar to what classifies a scooter as scooter whereas others look more like motorcycles.

The term moped is recently more often used when talking about motor scooters with a 49 or 50 cc engine size. They tend to be restricted at about 30 miles per hour. There are unrestricted models that will have a top speed of about 43 miles per hour. Motor scooters have a step-through design and fit into the motorcycle category.

So a moped with a 20 mile per hour max is not well-suited for road travel as the one that can get up to 30-40 miles per hour. This is important distinction.

moped with pedals and a motor on a kickstand

Do Mopeds Have Titles?

Mopeds are titled in many states, however, the rules and regulations vary from state to state. To know if your moped has a title, you can use a rule-of-thumb until you can reach out to your state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS).

  • If the scooter is a motor scooter with a license plate, assume this moped has a title.
  • If the scooter has a motor that allows it to travel at around 30 miles per hour, it will be titled.
    Each state has its own rules, but those with pedals and act like a motorized bicycle will not have a title.

Most states title mopeds that are part of the motorcycle class of vehicles that are street ready whereas those that are motorized bicycles fall into a category without a title.

When in doubt, look into your own state’s regulations, but yes, mopeds intended for full street use are required to have a title.

Do 49cc Mopeds Have Titles?

Whether you are looking at 49cc or 50cc, the difference is tiny. You probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference on either assuming both are restricted engine sizes.

49cc mopeds require titles as part of being street legal.

A 49cc moped is intended to be used on the street and is a form of a motorcycle also known as a scooter. If it is intended for the street, your state wants it to be titled to pay all the right taxes and such.

moped with only a motor intended for street use. has a license place.
Moped with only a motor + a license plate intended for street only use.

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