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Scooters do not change quite as much as some products from year to year.

That said, if you run across scooters in the 2019 and 2020 ranges, I’d hands down say that the Kymco Like 150i ABS was the best scooter for the money. You’ll also find some runner-up information on the Piaggio Liberty 150 at the bottom, as well.

The Like’s mix of excellent features such as the ABS brakes, electronic fuel injection, a 24 month warranty, and a smooth ride all at an MSRP of $2,999 made the features to cost value a hands down winner.

Image of the best scooter for the money - Kymco Like 150i ABS Navy blue
Blue 2019 Kymco Like 150i ABS in navy blue with a gray seat

Features That Make the Kymco Like 150 Stand Out

The Kymco Like 150i ABS has the following features:

  • Electronic fuel injection
  • 150cc engine size
  • 4 stroke (standard for this engine size)
  • 85 miles per gallon
  • Disc brakes on the front & rear + ABS
  • Top speed of 65 miles per hour
  • USB charger
  • 12 inch tires (front and rear)
  • 24 month warranty

To help illustrate why the Kymco is the clear winner as far as value goes, let’s walk through those features and where the value comes into play.


The Kymco Like is right at $3,000, but to get the same brakes on another scooter, you have to spend $1,500 for the Kymco X-Town 300. Outside of Kymco, you’ll have to spend another $2,000 for the Suzuki Burgman 200 or Sym CityCom 300. You’ll have to get a much larger engine size for these safety features baked in.


The average price of a scooter in this engine size range (125-160 cc) is $3,190, so the Kymco Like is a hair under the segment’s average. However, those in the same 150cc segment are advertised with top speeds around 60 miles per hour, but the Like is posted with a 65 top speed. I have seen 67 on it on a brief stint on a highway, so I know that is a legit number.

The only other scooters with a higher advertised top speed are the Vespa Primavera and Sprint models. They boast 70 miles per hour top speed, but they are also over $5k.

Fuel Injection

I am also a fan of the electronic fuel injection that the Kymco Like 150i ABS has as dealing with carburetors sitting up is a complete turnoff. If the type of fuel injection is important to you, you’ll find that at this price point, it is still a bit hit or miss on whether a scooter is electronically fuel injected. Crossing $3,000 is where it becomes more commonplace for a scooter to be fuel injected but not a guarantee.

The Kymco skates in under that price point and has the electronic fuel injection.

Extra Perks

Not all scooters have a charging port (surprisingly). Also, many scooter manufacturers are in the 24-month warranty range, but holdouts like Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha are still in the 12-month warranty camps. Unlimited miles.

There are just lots of features that are on the high-end as far as motor scooters go, but they are just a sliver under the average cost of a scooter in this engine size range.

The Piaggio Liberty 150 is a Solid Runner Up

The Piaggio Liberty 150 scooter is so close in features to the Kymco Like 150i ABS that I have to mention it as a solid runner up. They are also the same MSRP at $2,999.

Image of a white Piaggio Liberty scooter
2020 Piaggio Liberty 150 in white

The Piaggio boasts very similar features with the biggest difference being that the Piaggio has a front disc brake with a rear drum brake and no ABS.

The advertised top speed on the Piaggio Liberty 150 is also a tiny bit lower at 61 miles per hour (versus the Like’s 65). However, the Liberty’s engine is technically 5 cc higher (150 vs 155 cc).

Visually, you’ll find the Piaggio Liberty 150 a very different looking scooter.

While the Like has 12-inch tires on the front and rear with a more classic Italian scooter vibe, the Piaggio Liberty is more of a sporty look with a 16-inch tire on the front and a 14-inch tire on the rear does make for a smoother ride than you’ll find covering bumps on the Like.

Piaggio is the maker of the Vespa brand of scooters, so it does come with a bit more name recognition for those newer to scooters offered in the United States, as well. That said, both have the same 24-month warranty.

Lastly, the dealer network (for parts and servicing) is larger for Kymco scooters than I have found for Piaggio because Kymco sells more than just scooters.

Who Should NOT Buy a 150cc Scooter?

This scooter is the best scooter for the money. However, if you need to drive on American freeways, interstates, or highways, do not buy this scooter!

The Like 150i has a top speed advertised as 65 miles per hour, and I have personally taken one to 70. It was all out and all she had to give.

The reason for this caution is that if the speed limit is 65, yes your scooter can hang at that speed. However, scooters are not designed to go at that top speed for long periods of time.

In addition, if the speed limit is 65 miles per hour, it generally means traffic is traveling 70 miles per hour or more. Check out this in-depth article on scooter safety, but a big factor in preventing an accident is to go at the speed of the vehicles around you. This is a great scooter, but it is not designed for highway speeds.

If you need a scooter that can handle those higher speeds, check out the best scooters for highway riding to find the right scooter for you!

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At the time, the Kymco Like 150i ABS wasdefinitely the best scooter for the money. However, if a sporty looking scooter is more your style, the Piaggio Liberty 150 is a solid option as a runner-up as far as stretching your dollar for the best feature set.

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