How to Set the Clock on Kymco Like 150i

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Need to change the clock on your Kymco Like 150i motor scooter? Dive in for the steps, photos, and a video to get your clock reset!

1. Turn the Ignition to On

You never want to leave the ignition on for long as apparently, it drains the battery very fast. You have enough time to adjust the clock, though. Just don’t forget to turn it off when we’re done here!

Put the key into the ignition switch, and switch the key to the ON position. In the image below, you’ll see the notch that opens the security shutter is vertical when ON (circled in yellow below).

The security shutter piece circle in yellow should be pointing up.
Once the power is on, you’ll see this screen on the instrument panel. 16:47 is the wrong time (it’s in military time, too).
MODE is on the left, ADJ is on the right

2. Push Mode Button Until You Reach ODO

The MODE button allows you to cycle through trip miles, oil trip, belt trip, and ODO mode. There are only 2 buttons on the instrument panel, and the MODE button is on the left side.

Push the button until you reach ODO. This may take a few button pushes depending on what your scooter was on in initially.

MODE and ODO are circled below.

The MODE is the black button on the left while the ODO is on the top portion of the digital display.

3. Hold MODE & ADJ til Hour Flashes

It will take at least 2 seconds with both buttons pressed before the hour digits will flash. Once the hour is flashing, let go of both buttons now.

Hook ’em horns? Or I’m illustrating how to hold a camera and press both buttons with 1 hand.

The clock was displaying 16:47, but notice that the 16 is gone. It’s simply flashing.

The small oval shows where the time is on the instrument panel, but the hour is missing (it’s flashing at the moment).

4. Adjust the Hour and Minutes

Now, you move the hour by pressing the ADJ until you reach the hour of the current time. If you miss it, use the ADJ to cycle back through.

To adjust the minutes, press the MODE button once which will make the minutes on the display start to flash. Again, press the ADJ button until you reach the minutes of the current time.

Press ADJ to cycle through hours, MODE again to set minutes & ADJ to set those.

5. Press MODE & ADJ to Quit

Once you’ve set the hour and minutes, you simply press the MODE and ADJ buttons at the same time to get out of the clock-setting mode.

Press both buttons at the same time once to finish setting the Kymco clock.

6. Turn the Ignition Off

Just a reminder to turn the key back to off. You should be able to hear the power to the scooter disappear. I don’t want you coming out to a dead battery later!

My hand and the security shutter opener on the key are now towards the left to indicate OFF.


If you take more than 10 seconds between steps, the adjustment is cancelled, and you’ll need to start over.

Anytime you disconnect the battery, the clock is reset to 12:00.

Be seen & be safe, scooter friend!