Personalize Your Scoot

Guardian Bell

Have you heard of a guardian bell? I was given one as a gift when I first got my scooter. Check these out on Amazon to give your scooter friends as a ‘stay-safe’ token. This is not something you buy yourself, but I just realized my bell must have fallen off! I’ll drop a hint to some pals that mine has disappeared, and I’ll share a photo when I have one hanging again.

Seat Cover

Huge Cheeky Seats scooter seat cover fan. I have a review here, and here is the link to go right to the Cheeky Seats site.

Cheeky Seats Seat Cover
Cheeky Seats Seat Cover


Decals are a way to personalize your scooter, and the decals you choose are very personal! Currently, I have a couple of run related decals and an eco-friendly one I made. You can see 2 of them on this one, and as I’m writing this, I have some plans for some Halloween decals to decorate seasonally. It’s fun! Photos to come!

Decals: There is a navy blue Viking hat symbol that says Captain, and there is a white dot with a leaf board that says 95 mpg on it.