Are Motorcycle Helmets Waterproof (& Dealing with Rain)

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Even fair-weather riders can check that forecast before they head out for a ride, but you know how weather is! It can fluctuate at any time, and before you know it, there is a heavy downpour.

You simply cannot depend on the forecast as mother nature can change her mind, and you might end up being wet. The only thing that you can control is preparing for those instances. In this case, keeping yourself as dry as possible is key!

Full-face helmets are mostly waterproof. However, open face and half helmets expose various amounts of a riders face and will not protect a rider from rain.

Before you ride out with a chance of rain on the horizon, you’re going to want a waterproof helmet option and other waterproof gear!

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Are Motorcycle Helmets Waterproof?

Not all motorcycle helmets are waterproof. Before going into details, you’ll need to understand the various helmet types to fully understand why some helmets are waterproof and others are not.

The types of motorcycle helmets:

  • The full-face motorcycle helmet: This type of helmet covers the whole face.
  • Half motorcycle helmet: This helmet covers only the upper half of the face and leaves the rest bare.
  • The open-face helmet: this is the type of motorcycle helmet that only covers the head but does not cover the face. This is sometimes called a 3/4 helmet.

Now that we know the types of helmets we have, we can see why some helmets are not waterproof.

Full-faced helmets are generally waterproof as they cover the entire face and prevent you from getting wet. In contrast, a half-faced and open face helmet cannot protect your face from becoming wet, so they can be classified as helmets that are not waterproof.

Just make sure you can close as many of the vents and openings on your full-face helmet as those openings expose you to some of that inclement weather seeping in, too!

Advantages of A Waterproof Helmet

There are several advantages of a waterproof helmet.

  • It prevents the head from getting wet. Obviously. 😁
  • It helps to protect your head and face if you opt for full-face in an accident.
  • It prevents water from getting into your eyes.
  • It enables the rider to see clearly and, in the process, avoid an accident

How To Choose The Best Waterproof Helmet

To get a helmet for the rainy season, you have to know what to consider. During the rainy season, the helmet protects your head in the course of a crash and prevents your head from getting wet from the rain.

Below are the necessary things to check out when getting a helmet for the rainy season.


If anything, the helmet you want to get for the rainy season must be waterproof. There is a vast market for motorcycle helmets, and you will find several types of helmets. However, the essential characteristic you should check for is its ability to prevent your face from getting wet.

Full-face helmet for the win!

Modular helmets fit into this full-face helmet category. The chin bar that flips up has a seal, so don’t expect water to pour through that crevice.

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You need to pay attention to an important factor: ventilation and fitting. The helmet you are getting needs to be a perfect fit. If the helmet is not a perfect fit, you will feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to concentrate on riding. It can even cause water to seep in if the helmet is too big.

The ability to close vents or open them can make all the difference in a wet ride. The angle of the vents doesn’t usually let water pour into your helmet, but if you find them seeping water, being able to close them is handy. 

However, in my Texas riding, I like the ability to open one up. Breathing on a hot, humid day is also important, afterall!

Full guide on what to look for in a helmet here – beyond the rain!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it proper to ride a motorcycle in the rain?

I’ve never met a rider that truly delights in riding in the rain. However, sometimes we are stuck in the rain and have no option but to ride.

If you can avoid riding in the rain, please do so. This is because the chances of an accident occurring are very high when raining. Other drivers may have their vision impaired from the bad weather plus the wet roads make tires more prone to losing that connection with the road surface. 

I have pulled over for coffee to let heavy rain pass-through myself.

Even if you want to give it a try, you’ll be miserable if it’s raining if you aren’t prepared with a way to stay dry – talk about an uncomfortable experience!

Because… it is difficult to see when it’s raining!

scooter mirror with rain collected on it reducing what you can see through it
Water collects on a visor in a similar way – you can’t see!!

Is it difficult to see through your helmet when it is raining?

Seeing clearly while riding on a rainy day without a helmet or without eye protection at least can be downright impossible – especially in a downpour. If it is a light rain, and you have a helmet, you will likely be able to see.

BUT – cars have windshield wipers. Your helmet does not. The next question covers how to handle that to some degree, but it is definitely tricky if the rain is collecting in any way on your face shield.

How can I keep the visor clear in the rain?

You can spray hydrophobia or anti-fog spray to try to help keep your visor from holding onto water that skews your vision. 

My motorcycle gloves do not wipe away rain effectively, so I’ve given up on trying that as an option for wiping off my shield.

Final Thoughts

In whatever weather condition you are riding, you should use a helmet as it is a lifesaver, but I get if you were wondering if motorcycle helmets are waterproof at all. Riding in the rain presents some significant risk to your safety, but your helmet should keep your head dry if you opt for a full-face one. Otherwise, you’re going to want to pull over & let the rain pass. You just need to see clearly!

While we’re just talking about helmets here, you’ll definitely want to keep the rest of your body dry & protected. Even a light rain can feel like hail hitting your skin, and who wants to be soaked to the bone?! I carry around a motorcycle rain suit that is a two-piece rain suit along with a pair of boot liners for a more comfortable experience. Kinda.

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Be Seen & Be Safe, Scooter Friend!