My Fav Helmets

Buying a helmet can be an overwhelming process if you have never shopped for one before. I created an entire guide on helmets if you would like to go deeper on features and how to select a helmet that is comfortable and fits you well, but my recommendations here are a good place to start if you want to just jump into solid helmet selections.

Full Face

Value option: BILT Force Eternity Helmet 

  • This helmet has the DOT and ECE certifications.
  • It has the open/close ventilation in the mouth area and above the visor. You simply pull it down to let air in or up if you do not need the extra airflow. Hello, crisp fall days!
  • Built-in sunshade that retracts
  • Removable comfort lining

Fav option: Shoei RF-SR Helmet

This helmet has quite a bit more in features, and the price is higher to reflect that. Immediately, you’ll notice how much more quiet and lightweight this helmet is.

  • Snell M2015 certified
  • Liner customizations for optimum fit
  • Vents and lens material prevent the visor from fogging up
  • Lightweight
  • Emergency release system
  • Wind and waterproof dual-layer seals
  • Less road noise

Open Face

Value option: Sedici Aperto Helmet 

This helmet topped the list for me even though it is more than what I expected to spend for a value helmet option, but I really, really like having a face shield and retractable sunshade. Not having to remember eye protection is huge for me.

  • This helmet has the DOT and ECE certifications
  • Includes face shield. I just like not having to remember another piece of gear (goggles)
  • Built-in sunshade that retracts
  • Removable comfort liner with adjustable fitting

Fav option: Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet 

I like the more classic look of this helmet. I do find this helmet to have much less road noise, and it is a comfortable option. I did not like that there isn’t a sunshade included.

  • Snell M2015 certified
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable vents
  • Less road noise
  • Removable comfort liner with adjustable features
  • So many colors!