What to Expect as a New Scooter Rider

Answers to Your Most Common Questions

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What you’ll learn…

  • Choosing a brand of scooter to fit your needs
  • What to know about buying a scooter – used and new
  • Where to find your state’s licensing requirements
  • What gear you’ll need (including a helmet buying guide)
  • Accessory options & where to buy them

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Before I Bought My First Scooter, I Had SO MANY Questions

But I was also very, very excited.

I just felt overwhelmed with all that I was expected to learn, seemingly overnight.

I was worried about:

  • how to choose a scooter without knowing this was something I knew I’d want to do long term
  • wasting money on the wrong things
  • how to take care of my scooter, support and parts when the time came
  • being embarrassed by how clueless I was when going to a dealer

Don’t Stress! I have you covered.

I started riding in 2019, and now I’ve got countless hours under my belt researching what I needed to get going. I now have purchased 4 scooters, I take care of the maintenance on mine, and have researched all I need to do to stay as safe as I can.

This free email course will answer the questions I get the most from newer scooter riders.

Even if you’ve been riding a Harley & coming over to scooters, I’ll share some nuggets with you, too.

This is the course I wish I had before I bought my first scooter!

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