Scooter Rain Gear Essentials [Stay Happy & Dry]

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Picture yourself cruising on your trusty scooter, enjoying the fun, convenience & joy it brings – until the rain starts pouring down. Suddenly, the ride becomes a soggy, uncomfortable mess, making you wish you had come prepared with the right scooter rain gear to stay dry and protected.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or occasionally find yourself caught in an unexpected downpour, you’ll want to have scooter rain gear on hand for a comfortable and slightly safer riding experience. Being pelted by rain is uncomfortable and PAINFUL, after all.

There is a bit of a range of scooter rain gear, including waterproof jackets, pants, and even full body suits, made from premium, water-resistant materials like PVC or polyester. Top-tier versions boast taped seams, breathable fabrics, and adjustable closures, ensuring a cozy fit while effectively keeping the rain at bay whereas some are meant to have on hand but won’t last long on a scooter.

The best gear is not only waterproof but also breathable, lightweight, and easy to stash away when the skies clear up. It needs to fit snugly enough to not be a safety hazard flapping in the wind but big enough to wear over your gear all while still allowing you to move and react.

Read on to learn how these top contenders can help you weather any storm and make those wet rides a breeze.

Top Pick

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

  • Ventilation
  • Durable (with warranty)
  • Rolls to the size of a large burrito

The Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit provides excellent protection from the rain while riding your scooter.

Scooter Rain Gear Buying Guide

It’s not rocket science, but buying the ride gear will make riding in the rain a bit less awful whether you find yourself riding because you have to or unexpectedly ending up needing to.

Coverage & Fit

You’re looking for rain gear that covers your entire body, like a one-piece suit or a combination of jacket and pants. The fit should be comfortable, allowing for freedom of movement.

JacketUpper body, arms & neck area with a hood to go under your helmet
PantsLegs, lower body & go over your boot or shoe opening
Rain SuitHead to toe, usually one piece
GlovesWaterproof gloves will make your hands happier – especially if it’s cool/cold out
Boot CoversRain coat material over your boots that fit under the pants.
Waterproofing SprayCan turn your existing gear and shoes into waterproof gear

Most rain gear is sold in a set with a jacket and pants. You can also find a full rainsuit, and the benefit here is that you won’t have the automatic gap where the jacket and pants meet to make sure no rain gets in.

That said, some people find that a once piece makes it more restrictive and harder to move around.

So whether you go suit or set, that covers the bulk of your body, but you’ll also want to make sure your hands, feet & head have coverage as you think through your rain plan.

A full-face helmet with the hoodie from your rain coat in will cover your head and keep water from going down your neck, but if you do not ride with a full-face, you’ll NEED googles even if you don’t normally. There are waterproof gloves, and I wear a waterproof boot cover because dry feet are important to me.

Rain Gear Material

When I’m searching for scooter rain gear, you’re not flooded with options. I look for materials that are waterproof yet breathable as I live where it is warm to hot most of the year. When it will be cool to cold, the breathability is still important but windproof options with less ventiliation help you handle cold + rain.

Many of the options are a polyester or nylon material with a coating or membrane to make them waterproof.

Flexible material that moves is key. You need to be able to quickly react to situations, and every time you get off or sit back down on the scooter can be uncomfortable & has even caused rain gear to rip when it’s cheaply made or a fabric not made for that kind of movement. Or too small.


As a scooter rider, you’ll want to add visibility when you can. Car drivers don’t see scooters the way they see other cars, and during a storm with likely lower-light visibility it’s even more important. Rain gear with reflective elements and bright colors will help. Even black options can have reflective pieces to help stand out on the road.

Additional Features

When selecting scooter rain gear, I also consider additional features:

  • Hood: To keep my head dry that fits under the helmet without extra to tuck in
  • Closures: Zippers, Velcro, or snaps for easy adjustments – particularly over your riding protective gear
  • Pockets: For storage and easy access to essentials with zippers
  • Durability: Ripped gear from flapping or being too tight when sitting does you no favors in the moment it rips.


When you’re thinking through what size to order, you’ll want to read some of the reviews. In general, I recommend buying the size that relates to your weight over the height to make sure you fit if that’s provided. If it’s not provided, buy the size you wear in gear.

Rain gear, especially for scooters and motorcycles, are already sized up to fit OVER protective gear.

Most of the reviews will say that the gear runs big, but many times this is to allow you to wear the rain gear OVER other clothing. For scooter riders wearing any protective gear, this is great. Gear is bulky, but this makes it even more important to choose rain gear that has adjustable straps or cords to tighten. Rain gear flapping in the wind is annoying & makes ripping even more likely.

The Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit provides excellent protection from the rain while riding your scooter.

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit


  • 100% Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Reflective striping for visibility
  • Cooling vents under each arm
  • 2 year warranty


  • Some reviews state weak stitching
  • Difficult to pull on over boots

The Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit has 100% waterproof construction with a full-length zipper on the jacket. While I find the reflective stripe on the pants awkward, I appreciate extra visibility when riding my scooter through the rain.

I find that there is a trade off with rain protection and weather/humidity protection when raining. This rain suit is the only that I’ve noticed cooling vents under each arm.

It has a zipper to work with over boots, but like all rain gear options, it isn’t graceful. I can pack this down to the size of a large burrito after trying it on.

While I’m sure you need to work with the manufacturer versus who you buy it from, this is the only suit that has a state warranty. The Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit is an excellent investment for scooter riders looking to stay dry and visible in wet conditions.

This Joe Rocket RS-2 Rainsuit is the perfect choice for female scooter riders who want to stay dry and comfortable in any weather.

Joe Rocket RS-2 Rainsuit


  • 100% Waterproof materials and design
  • Cinch at the waist
  • Two outer pockets


  • No hood
  • Stiff material
  • Difficult to put on over bulky gear

The 100% waterproof soft polyester outer shell, combined with the PVC backing of the Joe Rocket RS-2 Women’s Rainsuit, will keep you dry during the heaviest downpour. It’s got a full-length zipper WITH a hook-and-loop storm flap all the way up to the collar provided extra rain protection, so you won’t have to worry about water seeping in through any gaps.

The RS-2 rainsuit has two large outer pockets with expanders. If you’re wearing a rain suit over protective gear, you buy the same size as your normal gear. If you won’t wear gear, order a size down. Now the cool part is that the shape of the pants and jacket give you a more flattering fit. Even with gear you’ll still have your hips.

I do not like that there isn’t a hood to make sure you don’t get water trickling down your neck, but it does have a high collar that does tuck into my helmet. The suit does feel a bit bulky – but more heavy than bulky & stiffer than other rain suits. This also means it doesn’t ‘flap in the wind’ like other rain gear.

There is some ventilation along the back, but you’ll still be warm in this suit.

If a women’s fit is important to you, this rain suit will fit the bill.

I was surprised at the quality of this one for the price point.



  • 100% Waterproof and wind resistant
  • Adjustable cuffs, zipper at ankle
  • Reflective elements for improved visibility


  • Sizing is hard
  • Not very breathable
  • Not suitable for larger individuals

When I rode my scooter during some moderate rain to experiment, the rain suit kept me dry and as comfortable as wearing even more gear can be.

There are vents, but I will not say I felt much of a breeze layered with my mesh gear. That’s the trade off, though. The more air that gets in generally means, the more water that can get in!

I did appreciate the adjustable design, including the jacket cuffs, trouser waist, and the zipper at the ankles. I don’t love taking off my boots in all situations, so the zipper stood out as the first suit to try. The tuck-away hood fit under the helmet easily enough & has push cord locks to keep water entry points snug.

The size complaints were all over, so I was nervous about choosing a size. Some said they ran small, some large & some true. Seriously.

I went with my weight in the chart, and it fit well enough over my normal, padded safety gear. I imagine those that said it’s too small went with their normal S, M, L, XL versus looking at the weight because I had to go up from my normal size. And I can’t help but wonder if those that said it ran big didn’t wear safety gear.

So if you don’t wear gear, you might want to stick with your normal size indicator. If you wear gear, use the weight chart to match to their size indicators.

The ALPHA CYCLE GEAR Rain Suit offers great protection against rain and wind during scooter rides, and its adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit. However, pay attention to the sizing, and remember that the product’s durability has yet to be proven over time.

This affordable rain suit is a reliable choice for staying dry during scooter rides in wet weather if you’re caught unexpectedly.

FROGG TOGGS Men's Pro Lite Suit


  • Lightweight and packable
  • Dependable, on-the-go waterproof protection


  • Sizing runs large in an odd way
  • May tear in high-stress areas (like your pants….)

This FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pro Lite Suit is what I carried in my scooter for a just-in-case moment where it stayed for a long time. And then I needed it. 😣

I liked how lightweight & easy to pack this one is, so it’s convenient to shove in your under-seat storage in case you find yourself needing to ride in a sudden shower. It’s really the only reason I’d buy this again.

It looked like a giant tarp when I pulled it out to use it, but the waterproof protection was dependable. The jacket’s full front zipper, with its snap-down flap, kept the moisture out, and it had all the tightening features in the openings to tighten snugly & prevent water from getting in.

The biggest issue is that they just don’t seem durable – especially the pants. I had read reviews that in the seams of the pants, they are prone to rip, and I can see that after trying mine out. It’s over other gear, so I didn’t realize this at first.

Overall, if you only need a rain protection option to carry as a backup but really try hard to avoid all bad weather rides, I think the FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pro Lite Suit is a great option. It’s affordable, light, compact (before the first use) & great in a pinch. I just question it’s durability for riding for long rides with all the wind we get when riding or reusing it.

The SaphiRose Men’s Rain Suit is a must-have for scooter riders, offering high visibility and excellent protection against rain and wind.

SaphiRose Men's Rain Suit


  • Waterproof and windproof material
  • High visibility reflective strips
  • Adjustable and comfortable fit


  • Limited breathability/no ventilation

The SaphiRose Men’s Rain Suit seems like a high-quality polyester fabric that provides waterproof and windproof protection while remaining comfortable to wear. It reminded me of wearing an umbrella type fabric in the way it moved. It’s got the adjustable hood with a bit of a visor that I had to adjust under the helmet. The elasticized cuffs (with velcro on some) did help seal out the elements and add some adjustability, and I appreciate the zippered pocket.

I love having reflective anything – especially in the rain- and there are several strips on the jacket and pants. The extra visibility in stormy conditions is an extra layer of safety I appreciate on gear.

That said, there isn’t any ventilation. There is a mesh liner, so in theory air circulates within the suit, but on a muggy, hot day, I’ll need to get where I’m going quick or be wet from sweat. On a rainy day that’s also cold, I would feel very differently & love the reduced air flow.

It does run a bit large which works for wearing over gear. If you’re not a gear-wearer, you may want to consider sizing down.

This Viking Cycle Rain Gear Suit is a fantastic purchase to stay dry and visible during those unavoidable wet rides & made specifically for riders.

Viking Cycle Rain Gear Suit


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit
  • Reflective panels for visibility


  • Difficult to put on over large boots
  • Limited breathability/no ventilation

The Viking Cycle Rain Gear Suit is my favorite rain suit that I could buy on Amazon. I’m thrilled with how it performed. The 600D polyester with PU coating has kept me completely dry throughout my ride.

It is windproof, so it’s excellent particularly for rides when it is rainy & cold. That also means the ventilation is non-existent, so it’s coming off as soon as possible when it isn’t cold.

This fabric simply feels like you’re wearing an umbrella, but it seems to feel a bit more durable. It has the adjustable velcro trouser cuffs, elastic waist hem, and zippered pants bottom. Large boots might not be easy to work around, so you may need to remove them despite the zipper.

I love extra reflective elements on any gear, and this has reflective strips on the front and rear in a big day. I appreciate even more on rain gear to help others see me on my scooter.

Overall, the Viking Cycle Rain Gear Suit provided excellent protection and features at an affordable price. This gear is a must-have for any rider trying to stay dry and safe during rainy rides.

DON’T BUY RAIN GEAR LIKE THIS – Ibluelover Unisex Outdoor Rain Poncho

Don’t buy gear like this marketed to scooter riders. No, I did not try it. It’s ridiculous on so many levels.

Ibluelover Unisex Outdoor Rain Poncho


  • None.


  • Why are the mirrors covered?
  • With wind, is there any hope of it staying on?
  • That hood looks like it would be awful to work with when you put on a helmet.

Keep Your Feet Dry

You have 2 options for your feet. Waterproof boots or cover yours.

You can make your shoes waterproof by using a waterproofer. This KIWI Boot Waterproofer is what we have at home to keep boots waterproof.

Or you can wear whatever shoes you want & pull out a boot cover.

Nelson-Rigg Rain Boot Cover

The Nelson-Rigg Rain Boot Cover has great waterproof protection, durability, and a bit of extra visibility.


  • 100% waterproof polyester with PVC backing
  • Rubberized 1/2 sole for strength and durability
  • Reflective binding for night visibility


  • Putting them on can be a bit awkward initially
  • Bulkiness makes them harder to store
  • Toe pocket could be larger for easier fitting

The Nelson-Rigg Rain Boot Covers are a polyester with PVC backing that feels like good quality. They effectively kept my feet dry during a rainy ride.

I honestly thought they would be a waste when I thought of rain gear materials on the bottom of a shoe. However, there is a rubberized sole that adds to the durability.

Putting on the boot covers for the first time was a bit clumsy, but it became much easier when I tried a few times. I think it’s the toe pocket that’s a bit odd & could be a little larger for putting on, but the size is right when you’re adjusted.

There is also some reflective binding to help with low-light visibility in a storm. They are bulky & the bottom liner means they don’t fold up to tiny for just randomly keeping in your under-seat storage box. You’re deciding between dry feet to storage here.

Ultimately, I did keep the Nelson-Rigg Unisex Waterproof Rain Boot Cover after trying them, but I don’t leave them in my scooter at all times. 🙃 I’m a fair weather rider when I can be, but I do need to ride in the rain to make appointments at times. These covers are great for knowing I’ll be riding in the rain.