Never Ridden a Scooter? Master Balancing Today!

If you have not ridden a scooter because you’re worried about balance, then these tips are for you! The phrase, “It’s just like riding a bike,” means that it is so easy to do even if it has been a long time. This applies to the balance required of riding a scooter! I was terrified…

Can you ride a scooter on the freew...
Can you ride a scooter on the freeway?

10 Practical Benefits of Riding Motor Scooters

Thinking about buying a motor scooter but not quite sold on it? Check out these 10 practical reasons why scooters rock! Between how they operate, their size and the significant, cost savings, you want to know the details!

Are Scooters Safe?

Curious to know if scooters are safe? Learn more about what you can do to stay safer on a motor scooter here!